DDS offers adults with intellectual delays a variety of community support services: including, In-Home Community Support, Companionship and Respite Services.

In-Home Community Support Services

Formerly, known as Habilitation Services, Direct Support Professionals provide one-to-one training for individuals to learn, maintain and improve everyday living skills so that they can live as independently as possible and to participate more fully in community life.

DDS-Direct Support Professionals (DSP) provide 1:1 services in the individual’s home or in the community and may assist individuals in gaining necessary skills for daily living. Some of these skills include financial literacy, banking, home budgeting, how to access public transportation, grocery shopping, cooking, laundry and other domestic tasks.

Based on the individual’s goals, Direct Support Professionals will explore opportunities for individuals to participate in community projects through volunteerism and community work projects. In-Home and Community Support Services are available to individuals who are currently working with a Supports Coordinator. Interested persons should contact their Supports Coordinator and request that habilitation goals be included in the Individuals Support Plan (ISP). Goals are customized to each individual with the objective for each person to become as independent as possible.

Companion Services

Companion services provide non-medical care, socialization, or support for adults with intellectual disabilities. This service is provided in a person’s home or at various locations in the community. A DDS-Direct Support Professional will help individuals do activities like shopping, household chores, meal preparation, and accompany individuals to community functions. Companion Services provide more opportunities for individuals to live independently and to become more engaged in their community.

Companion Services are available free to individuals who are currently working with a Supports Coordinator. Interested persons should contact their Supports Coordinator and request that companion services be included as a goal in their Individuals Support Plan (ISP).

Respite Services

Many adults with intellectual disabilities are unable to care for themselves and need the assistance of a care giver to oversee their well being. Respite services are available to provide temporary short-term assistance to primary caregiver(s), usually a family member. Using respite is very important for caregivers as caring for a loved one can be stressful, in addition to being emotionally and physically exhausting. Respite Services provides an opportunity for caregivers to have a break from their everyday duties and affords them the opportunity to address their own personal needs.

A DDS Direct Support Professional will assume the role of the primary caregiver for a temporary short-term assignment. DDS does not provide overnight respite services. Respite Services are available for free to families and caregivers who are currently working with a Supports Coordinator.

Supports Coordinator

In Lebanon County, individuals and families should contact either the Case Management Unit (CMU) at 717-644-9600 or Service Access Management (SAM) at 717-7696374 to learn more about available services.