Summer Stars Day Camp

To help children of all abilities explore new talents while developing social and recreational skills in a fun non-threatening environment, DDS introduced the Summer Stars Day Camp.

DDS BELIEVES… In Friendships

The goal of the camp is for each child to gain a better appreciation of self and to experience greater personal independence through structured activities. Activities are centered on a theme and designed to develop communication and socialization skills.

The Day Camps are held at the DDS-Alley Learning Center, which is located at 12th & Walnut Streets in Lebanon, PA.

The camp is geared toward school age children and youth of all abilities. DDS contracts a nurse to oversee activities of daily living, administer medications and to assist campers as needed.

While DDS will strive to accommodate the special needs of campers, there may be some requests that we are unable to fulfill.

DDS uses a “Buddy” system in which campers’ partner with local high school students. Buddies engage campers in activities and create an inclusive environment for campers.

A Camp Coordinator and Camp Aide oversee the day camp program.