DDS BELIEVES… In Self Reliance

Elks Home Service Nurse

Its mission is to support and promote the independence of individuals with developmental disabilities, by providing advocacy services in their home environment.

An individual of any age who has a developmental disability may request services. The disability has to have manifested before a person is 22 years of age. It may include physical or mental delays and may be a combination of both.

Services are provided:

  • By a Licensed Practical Nurse
  • To Pennsylvania residents
  • In the person’s home environment
  • Without discrimination

The Elks Home Service Nurse Can:

  • Provide in-home medical case management services
  • Advocate for an individual’s legal and human rights
  • Provide information regarding resources and services available
  • Assess needs and help to access equipment
  • Advocate for appropriate educational services
  • Assist with finding activities within the community
  • Offer instruction regarding home care
  • Provide emotional support
  • Help with vocational goals
  • Assist with residential placement
  • Provide referrals to appropriate agencies in the community
  • Interpret clinical findings and act as a liaison between health care professionals

Referrals for Services:

  • Referrals may be made by a family member, health care professional, community agency or friend.
  • Before services can be administered, permission must be obtained from the individual or family.
  • After the referral, the nurse will visit the home to do an intake and initial assessment. The needs of the family and environment are noted at this time.
  • After discussing the needs with the individual and family, the nurse will help determine the appropriate course of action. This may include referrals to health care professionals, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.
  • The nurse will assist the individual and family with follow-up visits until the issue has been resolved.
  • Home visits are then made on an as needed basis